Current Projects

I am currently working on three projects that explore the impact of work/family conflict on various actors’ lives:

  1. Creating Sustainable Careers in Student Affairs
    Over the past three years, I’ve worked with an amazing group of authors on the edited volume Creating Sustainable Careers in Student Affairs: What Ideal Worker Norms Get Wrong—And How To Make It Right. The authors in the book consider how the student affairs profession perpetuates ideal worker norms that impact employees’ professional and personal lives, including their mental health.  Stylus Press will publish the book in late 2020.  For more information, visit
  2. Student-Parents and Food Insecurity
    Drawing upon interviews with student-parents, staff members, and student leaders, this project focuses on how student-parents at one research university navigate food insecurity and the ways in which the campus culture supports and hinders them.
  3. Student-Parents and Food Insecurity in a Pandemic
    The purpose of this project is to investigate the way that food insecure student-parents are navigating academics and parenting during the COVID-19 pandemic by conducting a comparative case study of 36 undergraduate student-parents living in two different states (Georgia and New York) to understand the role that both context and gender norms play in shaping this group’s experience.